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Unique Alternative Investing

While many investors are reeling from volatile markets and uncertainty, others have headed into the alternative investing category of niche markets. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it piques the interest.

Four pubs run by the East London Pun Co. have been put up for sale after the company filed for insolvency in 2023. Among the historic pubs are The Gun in Spitalfields, The Saxon in Clapham, The Lock Tavern in Camen and The Ten Bells, a pub associated with “Jack the Ripper”. The pub is believed to have been frequented by two of the serial killer’s victims. This comes after London’s infamous pubs have taken strain due to the cost of living crisis and many office staff remote working.

If your tastes are more into spirits, then Tequila might be the new stock to consider. Tequila conjures up ideas of parties and Mariachi bands. The spirit, originating from the city of Tequila in Mexico, is now the most popular drink in America and is getting more popular with investors and spirit connoisseurs. Two hundred litres of tequila bought in October 2022 for $25 000 is now worth $48 000—a 92% jump in value. Still considered an undervalued and underappreciated investment, this could be an alternative investment opportunity to add to a portfolio.

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