What is Wealth Management?

Affluent professionals often have a wealth portfolio of complex assets like international real estate, investments, and multiple incomes. Managing these assets tax efficiently can be challenging, which is why most professionals leave it to the experts. Wealth management is an investment advisory service that offers a holistic approach to preserving and building wealth according to high-net-worth individuals’ specific investing needs, throughout the entire finance lifecycle, from building wealth and managing family finances like education, to retirement and estate planning.

What is a Wealth Manager and what do they do?

A wealth manager is a highly experienced financial professional who personally manages the investment portfolio of affluent individuals with complex investing needs. This comprehensive approach often includes investments, financial advice, estate planning, retirement planning, and tax efficiency to achieve financial goals. Trusted financial advisors serve as mentors, guides and invaluable partners and offer personalised international financial advice, to help navigate life’s twists and turns across countries, and assist in making informed decisions that align with clients’ ever-changing financial goals.

They will continually monitor financial well-being and be a trusted advisor on all things finance-related to ensure affluent professionals achieve their financial goals.

What is Cross-Border Wealth Management?

Modern affluent professionals often live, travel, and work abroad in multiple countries and tax jurisdictions. Maintaining assets and incomes from various countries can be challenging and complex.

International or cross-border wealth management refers to managing international assets, investments, and multiple incomes as tax efficiently as possible, taking into account international finance rules and regulations. Wealth management services will find the best financial planning strategies to structure an international portfolio as tax efficiently as possible so that clients can get on with leading the kind of international lifestyle they desire, without having to worry about their financial portfolios.

What are the Benefits of using a Wealth Manager and Wealth Management Services?

A financial manager helps to make wise financial decisions and keeps you on the straight and narrow and focused on the end goal. Benefits of using a wealth management firm include:

· Helps maintain your lifestyle through budget management.

· Personalised private banking financial services and solutions.

· A comprehensive financial plan in place with structured goals.

· Helps with retirement planning.

· Gives you financial security and peace of mind.

· Step-by-step goals are achieved.

· Access to the best financial advice and comprehensive services.

· Guidance during major life changes, like marriage, children, retirement etc.

A wealth manager and wealth management solutions, can help manage and grow your investments using an investment strategy to give you financial peace of mind and freedom, no matter where you reside or work.

Please note, the above is for educational purposes only and does not constitute advice. You should always contact your financial advisor for a personal consultation.

* No liability can be accepted for any actions taken or refrained from being taken, as a result of reading the above.

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