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Train for a career in international investment banking

Embark on a transformative 12-month journey, dedicated to honing your skills and expertise within the industry, leading to a start in your career in international wealth management & fintech. Our program commences in Mauritius in Mid-September 2023. Showcasing our unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and enhancing lives. Inspired by the principles of deVere Investment, we seek ambitious and driven candidates who embrace discipline and a growth mindset. Client satisfaction remains paramount, fuelled by a dynamic and high-energy approach.

Upon successful completion, our guaranteed global placement initiative ensures unparalleled opportunities for our graduates. During the training period, participants can enjoy competitive salaries along with enticing bonuses. Join us on this path of excellence, where your potential finds its truest expression on the global stage!

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Finding the right place for you

The Trainee Development Program is designed to show us the area of the business in which you are most likely to succeed and add value. Whilst you learn about the business, we will learn about you.

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