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Tech Wars: AMD vs NVidia’s Latest Offerings at Computex 2024

Tech Wars: AMD vs NVidia’s Latest Offerings at Computex 2024

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) revealed its latest artificial intelligence processors on Monday and outlined its strategy to create AI chips within the next two years to compete with leading industry player Nvidia. During the Computex Technology trade show in Taipei, AMD CEO Lisa Su unveiled the MI325X accelerator, slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2024. The competition to develop generative artificial intelligence applications has driven a surge in demand for sophisticated chips, which are crucial in supporting these intricate applications in AI data centres. Furthermore, AMD presented the upcoming chip series MI350, which is anticipated to launch in 2025, leveraging a novel chip architecture. Compared to the current MI300 series, AMD anticipates the MI350 to deliver a 35-fold enhancement in inference performance – crucial in the computation of generative AI responses. Additionally, AMD disclosed the future MI400 series scheduled for 2026, built on the “Next” architecture.

On the other hand, during the Computex 2024 event, Nvidia’s Huang announced the forthcoming Blackwell Ultra chips in 2025 and a new Rubin platform for 2026. In the fiscal Q1 2025 earnings call on May 22, Huang confirmed Nvidia’s commitment to an annual chip design cycle, departing from the traditional biennial platform release schedule witnessed with Ampere in the year 2020, Hopper in the year 2022, and Blackwell in the year 2024. Huang emphasised the imperative for companies across various sectors to adopt AI, warning that those failing to integrate AI chips risk falling behind. He highlighted that companies can only tackle the “computation inflation” arising from escalating data requirements through AI chips.

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