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Tech Giants Propel S&P 500 To New All-Time Record


On Friday, Wall Street celebrated a historic moment as robust gains from major technology companies propelled the S&P 500 index to an all-time high. Closing at 4,839.81, a 1.2% surge, the benchmark surpassed its previous record set on January 3, 2022, marking a significant milestone after a somewhat uncertain start to the year.

Despite a powerful late 2023 rally, the S&P 500 had been tantalizingly close to breaking records for a month, facing headwinds amid concerns about the pace of potential interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve, fuelled by lacklustre economic data. Even with Friday’s notable rise, January’s overall gain for the S&P stands at a modest 1.5%, contrasting with the impressive 16% surge over nine consecutive weeks ending in late October.

Certain investors anticipate ongoing market volatility but express optimism about an upward trend in the months ahead. As Wall Street navigates economic uncertainties, the resilience displayed by major technology companies fuels confidence in the market’s potential for sustained growth.

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