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Taylor Swift impacts the US Economy.

This megastar’s ERAS tour has impacted the US economy in a way no one could have predicted. Her tour alone could generate US consumer spending close to $5 billion, not to mention $1 billion in expected ticket sales. Consumers are spending money on flights and hotels and Taylor Swift merchandise and clothing. Rumours of her dating Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce caused a 175% ticket sale increase after she attended one of his games, along with a 400% increase in Kelce jersey sales.

It doesn’t end there. Presales of her expected big-screen adaptation of her ERAS tour have hit $100 million in sales.

The FED even mentioned the impact that her tour had on the economy. Philadelphia’s Federal Reserve Bank announced that her Tour boosted tourism and travel in the area.

If Taylor Swift were a company, would she be the next big emerging company investors would rave about?

Perhaps in the future, a new sector will be listed on the stock exchange specifically for megastars of sports, music, film and TV that generate revenue and help boost economic growth.

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