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Investing your money in the right place can make you money, but in the wrong place, you can lose money. That’s why ensuring you make the right investment decisions is essential. This can be tricky, but listening to the advice of experts can be helpful.

There are five companies that experts, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, believe are going to be super investments over the next five years.

Alphabet – the parent company of Google. There has been an increase in online advertising, which increases profits, and they are in cloud computing and the AI industry.

Amazon – the world’s biggest online store and a significant web service offering AWS, is well-run and has a fantastic record. It is an excellent long-term stock that will gain from AI and tech growth.

Microsoft – another global tech leader that most of us use every day. They have the advantage of cloud computing and AI.

Meta – owners of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with a good performance track record. They’ve invested heavily in the future of tech and, of course, the Metaverse. They have massive expansion possibilities and an outstanding innovation and product production history.

VISA and Mastercard – These payment-linked stocks are rising as more people use credit cards to make purchases.

These companies take advantage of the digital world, have good balance sheets, and are good bets for medium to long-term investing.

While these tech stocks are good bets for investors, never carry all your eggs in one basket. It is prudent to ensure that your portfolio is diversified to mitigate the risk of potential losses.

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