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Nvidia soars with 9 billion in profits despite new US regulations

Nvidia knows how to make money, with 9 billion profits in three months. A 205% growth rate year on year. They are positioned in the three fastest-growing industries in the world. They produce the best chips in the gaming, AI, and graphics industries – Industries booming right now, allowing for incredible expansion.

Can they maintain this momentum, or will competitors develop a superior chip?

A large portion of its profit margin was expansion in its AI-heavy data centre unit which saw a 279% year-on-year increase. There was a slight decline in stock as CFO Colette Kress cautioned that data centre sales to Chinese firms were declining due to new US regulations halting Nvidia from selling chips to countries including Russia, China, and Iran to prevent them from receiving advanced AI chips. This affects Nvidia’s modified advanced AI chips A800 and H800, which are designed specifically for Chinese markets.

Other chip and semiconductor competitors AMD and Intel are also affected by the US regulator’s decision and are evaluating their production and profit margins.

Currently, Nvidia is in a class of its own when it comes to AI solutions and is predicted to continue its expansion boom despite US regulations. It is still expected to be a long-term winner.

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