Israel, Dollar Gain and Oil Prices – Now is not the time for knee-jerk investing decisions.

The conflict in Israel has caused a spike in oil prices and the dollar’s value, leaving emerging markets a bit unsteady. Despite this, major markets seem to be improving slightly as the FED showed optimism that they had done enough to prevent further interest rate hikes.

Warren Buffet believes in buying quality company stock with robust fundamentals for long-term investment growth.

When market volatility occurs, it often allows you to buy good-value company shares at lower prices. This means more shares in your portfolio, which will increase in value over the long term when stock prices rise again.

Nigel Green, CEO of independent financial advisory deVere, gives his opinion. “The events in this region are now directly impacting financial markets worldwide, which, as ever in times of increased volatility, is immediately prompting some investors into knee-jerk reactions to sell off riskier parts of their portfolios, such as stocks and some currencies. Oil has a disproportionate impact on global financial markets due to its pivotal role in the world economy, its interconnectedness with various sectors, and its potential to influence broader economic conditions and investor sentiment.”

 “I’m not selling; I’m looking for opportunities from an investment point of view. Panic selling is never a good idea. Sit tight and look for fixed yields; they’re going to be higher, and look for opportunities where you can invest your money.”

Always sit down with a financial advisor as they can explain to you the right investment decisions for your portfolio.

Consider the bigger picture and look at investments over the long term. Do not panic over current market volatility, and keep your portfolio diversified to mitigate the risk of losses.

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