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Investment Banking Opportunities

deVere, with its comprehensive private investment banking license, has the capacity to engage with corporate clients, provide product structuring services, and deliver wealth management solutions. Our objective is to expand our global presence within the investment banking industry.

Currently, we are seeking individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset who are interested in the sector. We are also open to individuals who are willing to undergo training for potential positions. Our company culture is results-oriented and high-energy, fostering a growth mindset among our employees.

With advisory licenses spanning across the globe, we provide extensive support to our structures. Additionally, our in-house technology enhances the skills of our professionals, enabling them to deliver exceptional services.

deVere is a sustainable, rewarding, and award-winning company that strives to positively impact the lives and financial well-being of our clients. Our CEO, Nigel Green, firmly believes in the importance of training and has cultivated a culture of continuous career support, encouraging employees to pursue their career aspirations.

With our presence in various international locations, we offer the opportunity for employees to experience different working environments. Should you desire a change, transferring to one of our successful offices will be fully supported.

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