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Investing in your retirement

A pension plan can transform your financial future. At some stage, you will stop working, either because you have to or because you want to. Don’t rely on governments to look after you. At some stage, they will reduce payments or even stop them. More people are retiring than ever before, and governments might not be able to afford the costs of government pensions.

If you work from 25-65 and then retire for another 20 years till 85, that’s 40 years of work for 20 years of retirement. For every two days worked, you need one day’s income for retirement. Don’t forget that people are living longer, so a retirement might span 30 years. Saving regularly in good investment funds grows your money and accumulates enough to retire so you have a regular income and financial security and do not rely on the government.

If there is one thing we have learnt over the last few years of market volatility and increasing cost of living, it is that life is uncertain, and so is the job market. Investing regularly into a private pension plan ensures steady growth and compounding interest over the long term. Investing and wealth building are vital, but a private pension can help empower your life and provide financial security with an income for life.

Speak to a financial advisor about a private pension plan to bolster your retirement savings and secure your financial freedom at retirement.

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