Inflation Rate – Its effect and causes

Multi-decade high inflation has blighted economies the world over for more than 18 months. And it continues to do so.

It has been caused by supply chain issues, geopolitical issues, such as the war in Ukraine, and a surprisingly robust labour market, causing wages to rise, among other factors. This all matters as it erodes your money on almost every level, slashing your purchasing power… Unless, of course, you take action to reduce the negative impact on your wealth and assets.

The good news is that the rate of inflation is now coming down, due to interest rate hikes, but it’s still significantly higher than it should be, meaning inflation is still eroding your money right now. Therefore, you need to act now.
It could be you need to adjust your mortgage plan – is a fixed or variable structure right for you now? – or rebalance your investment portfolio to include sectors more resistant to inflation, such as consumer staples and healthcare.
Either way, working with a financial advisor, who will act as a mentor for you and your personal circumstances and goals, is the proven best way to create, grow and protect your wealth in the current environment.

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