How does Bill Gates earn half a billion dollars in dividends a year?

Bill Gates, the 7th richest man worth over 100 billion alone, receives about half a million dollars annually in dividends from his investments. How does he do it? He ensures that his portfolio is diversified and invests in sectors and stocks that are always in demand. His most significant investments are with:

Microsoft – of course, he would invest in the company he founded, and with AI taking such a front seat on the world stage, his former company is set to succeed.  Also, Canadian National Railways, Waste Management, Caterpillar – construction equipment and machinery, John Deere – agricultural equipment and machinery, and a large portion in Berkshire Hathaway – Warren Buffet’s company, and the most successful investor of all time.

Watch Nigel Green, deVere CEO, discuss Gates’ investment choices here.                                                  

Another great investor, Charlie Munger, who worked with Warren Buffet and was worth over 2 billion, had four great investing tips for success.

Never stop learning. Those who keep learning – keep rising.

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to be a little bit better than the average person.

To be successful, avoid mistakes and do enough research to avoid investing in bad companies.

Most importantly, compounding is what makes the difference. Give good investments time to grow in compound interest over the long term.

As always, like Bill Gates and Charlie Munger, keep your investments diversified to mitigate risk, and seek the advice of a financial advisor before investing.

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