Has AI finally cemented its place as Amazon invests 4 billion?

Amazon is investing 4 billion into AI start-up Anthropic. Their AI products, including its Claude chatbot, will become part of Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing customers to build generative AI applications in the cloud.

Adam Selipsky, Amazon Web Services’ chief executive, said the deal will help make Anthropic’s models better while also improving Amazon’s chip technology and AI infrastructure.

Also, Meta is introducing AI features to its apps, including Facebook and Instagram, to give its 3 billion users a similar experience to Open AI’s ChatGPT.

Is the AI trend real?

Some companies could gain massive advantages because of AI. The AI Race is on, with big tech firms racing to lead in developing, deploying, and utilising artificial intelligence technologies. It could reshape whole industries and fuel innovation, which makes it crucial for investors to pay attention, and why almost all investors need exposure to AI investments in their portfolios, says deVere CEO Nigel Green.

As more companies embrace AI, there is growth potential for investors who add AI and Tech stock to their diversified portfolios.

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