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CPI Data, Fed Rates, and Dollar Dynamics

CPI Data, Fed Rates, and Dollar Dynamics

On Tuesday, the Bureau announced that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) level came in at 3.1%, slightly higher than expected but still lower than the previous month. Yesterday, the Fed declared that they are not going to change the interest rate and will keep it within the targeted range of 5.25%-5.5%.

Investors, officials, and markets had predicted one or two rate cuts next year, assuming that the Fed would maintain the current rates. However, at least three rate cuts for 2024 have been penciled in, a more aggressive approach than expected, indicating that officials in the Fed are confident that inflation will approach the 2% target goal.

As expected, a decrease in rates would lead to a fall in the value of the Dollar, as lower interest rates make a currency less attractive to investors. Gold, which is priced in US dollars on global markets, becomes cheaper for foreign investors when the Dollar falls.

There is a perspective that low levels of interest rates signal early warnings of future economic slowdowns. This suggests speculation that the Fed is considering lowering rates further next year in anticipation of a potential recession.

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