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China produces the World’s Fastest Internet

China is claiming to have produced the world’s most advanced and fastest internet at 1.2 Terabytes per second! Huawei in conjunction with China Mobile Ltd. and Tsinghua University, have built a 3000km internet network from Beijing to Guangzhou in the south. Huawei claims that the network is fast enough to transfer data from 150 movies in one second.

This comes as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit saw the two biggest superpowers sit down to attempt to improve economic and trade relations. The US has been trying to prevent China from acquiring high-end chip technology, while China encouraged consumers to buy locally made mobile phones like Huawei instead of Apple.

Huawei and its partners claim to have built the world’s first internet network to achieve a more robust, stable, and reliable bandwidth of 1.2 terabits per second, which is several times faster than typical global internet speeds.

While the claim represents theoretical speeds, it could have a major impact on businesses with faster information transfer and stock trading transfers and even have national security implications, CNN reports.

Is this a major leap forward for Mobile manufacturer Huawei? Could this be the tech trump card that China needs to bring US investors back into the fold?

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