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BP’s Strategic Turnaround: Investing Patterns Away From ESG


BP’s recent strategic shift back to its core business of searching for oil and gas signal positive prospects for its stock. After a previous commitment to cut hydrocarbon production and invest in clean energy, BP is reemphasising its U.S.-oriented operations, targeting a more than 50% increase in American oil and gas production by 2030. Despite these developments, BP’s U.S.-listed shares trade at a low valuation, around $34, presenting a possible investment opportunity. The stock’s 5% dividend yield, the highest among major oil companies, adds to its appeal, with plans for a 4% annual dividend boost even in the face of potential crude price declines.

BP also has an active share-repurchase plan, with an estimated $8 billion repurchased in 2023 and an anticipated $4 billion to $6 billion in 2024. Analysts stress the untapped value in BP, with a sum-of-the-parts analysis suggesting a value approximately double the current stock price. The appointment of a new CEO, Murray Auchincloss, is seen as a positive move, reinforcing the company’s commitment to its traditional energy business. While certain concerns about BP’s wind business are noted, the overall analysis suggests that the stock’s current depressed state and secure dividend yield make it a low-risk opportunity to consider in the oil sector.

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