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BNP Paribas 6Y 95% Capital Protected Semi-Annual Autocall

With 95% Capital Protection at Maturity

Our capital-protected notes continue to be highly popular with investors. The latest offering provides an opportunity to earn 13.86% per annum in USD or 11.80% in GBP. This investment is linked to three tech giants: Meta, Tesla, and Nvidia, and offers the security of 95% capital protection at maturity.

Earn a guaranteed:

USD 13.86% p.a.

GBP 11.80% p.a.

Note Details

Linked to the Meta Platforms Inc, Tesla Inc and Nvidia Corp.

Maximum Term: 6 Years

Autocall Observations: Semi-Annual from end of 3 years / Autocall Trigger: 100%

Capital Protection: 95% at Maturity

Closes: 5 July 2024


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