BNP Paribas 6Y 100% Capital Protected Issuer Callable Note


Earn up to:

USD 7.25% p.a.

GBP 6.20% p.a.

  With 100% Capital Protection at Maturity

Note Details

Linked to the Euro Stoxx 50

Maximum Term: 6 Years

Callable Observations: Annually from end of Year 1

Coupon Trigger at Maturity: 105%

Closes: 18th July 2024

How does it work:

The Issuer, BNP Paribas, can choose to end the note (call) on any annual observation date from the end of year 1. If they choose to call the note the investor will receive 8% for every year that has passed since the start date, initial capital is repaid and the investment ends.

If the Issuer chooses not to call the note during the term, at the final observation at the end of year 6, if the performance of the S&P 500 is at or above 70% of its starting level a 48% coupon is paid and initial capital repaid to the investor.

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