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Big Tech “Magnificent Seven” Rule the World

The tech sector is ruling the world right now, with the “magnificent seven” that have increased their value by $200 billion in a day.

They’re worth $11 trillion alone compared to the FTSE that’s worth $2 trillion. Nigel Green, deVere CEO, chooses Microsoft and Warren Buffet prefers Apple stock.

Which stocks would you choose?

These miracle stocks are Apple, worth $2.4 trillion, Microsoft, worth $2.3 trillion, Amazon, worth $1.3 trillion, Alphabet, worth $1.3 trillion, Nvidia, worth $1.1 trillion, Meta, worth $705 billion, and Tesla, worth $675 billion. Each with opportunities to grow even faster.

The top 2 stocks in the S&P 500 (Apple & Microsoft) now represent a combined 14.7% of the index, the highest weighting for any two companies with data going back to 1980.

Amazon has massive cloud storage ownership that is needed by companies like Microsoft that require more and more storage with the use of AI. Nvidia’s chip technology and Tesla’s battery technology are unparalleled.

“Tech is booming right now. Look for shares that will also perform in the long term. Look at stock that will take advantage of the surge that will happen because of AI. Meta has done well but still has more to go. Don’t forget cryptocurrencies and the energy sector. Massive potential there. I’d actually go for Microsoft. They aim at companies and have got fantastic competitive advantage. It’s got a moat.” deVere CEO Nigel Green.

When investing, look for companies that can grow and expand. Always ensure that your portfolio is diversified and speak with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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