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Artificial Intelligence isn’t the Future – It’s already here.  

Many tech innovations are considered future endeavours. But with AI, the world is already changing. Artificial intelligence is disrupting industries and changing lives. It has become the now, especially after Nvidia’s impressive quarterly earnings report.

We are at the beginning of the AI age, and investors should not miss out on having an early advantage and should have investment exposure to AI as part of their portfolio mix.

AI is already impacting industries, lives, and investing and is very much the present.

Nvidia’s CEO proclaimed a “new era of computing has begun,” noting that companies were investing in more powerful computers to meet the demand for generative AI such as Chat GPT.

Investors have an opportunity to get in the game, and those serious about building their long-term wealth, need exposure to this pivotal driver of innovation, competitiveness, and profitability across almost all industries.

Clients and prospective investors should talk to an advisor to ensure their portfolio is invested in the correct sectors and suitably diversified.

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