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Amazon is still a great white and Cocoa booms

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Amazon is still a great white and Cocoa booms

Amazon joined its heavy weight competitors, Nvidia, Meta and Microsoft in setting a new record. Stock rose 1.7% to close at $189.05, passing its previous record set in 2021. Amazon is the last great white to reach an all-time high rebound post pandemic. This coincided with the NASDAQ gain of 1.6%.  Amazon is now 2% away from becoming a trillion dollar market cap giant. The e-commerce and cloud computing mega-shark has had a 26% share price hike year to date.

Meanwhile global cocoa prices are surging to $10,000 per ton. This has led African farmers to increase their efforts into cocoa farming with many new cocoa trees being planted. This sudden surge could impact chocolate prices globally as the global supply increase has caused a cocoa shortage. Consumers with a sweet tooth may have to pay more for their favourite chocolate delicacy. Is now the time to invest in cocoa as a commodity?

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