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AI Could Be Cemented into the Future with AI Regulation Summit

Wednesday’s AI regulation summit in the US saw several major tech companies pledging to build systems that put security first. Attendees included Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, amongst others. These talks could be the potential start of a way to regulate platforms using AI to prevent criminal activities, plagiarism, and fake news, especially after the controversy that had accompanied ChatGPT.

Social Media giant Facebook, which turned twenty last year, has forever changed the social interaction landscape. However, controversy has riddled the social media giant, from mental health scandals to data leaks and election dishonesty.

It is strange to think that authorities have yet to initiate any real regulation in the US for social media platforms and their enormous influence on society. Europe’s social media regulation had only come into effect the previous year.

The pace of AI innovation is staggering, and it is evident that regulation is urgently needed to keep up with the AI evolution to ensure that users and consumers are safe and protected. This AI summit marked the potential start of global regulation. A further AI safety summit is scheduled in the UK in November, with Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft in attendance.

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